About Us

Hi! We are the Browns- Matt, Kim, Liam, Jake, and Sawyer. In 2018 we bought eight acres right outside of downtown Bellbrook, Ohio and got to work turning it into a small market farm.

We consider ourselves a biointensive produce farm which means we use natural methods to focus on regenerating the health of our soil. We believe that healthy soil will grow healthier and more delicious produce. To build and maintain fertile soil we use compost, organic fertilizers and minerals, cover crops, and we will introduce livestock rotations this year. Weeds are taken care of manually without the use of sprays. Although biointensive farming is technically a step beyond organic, we are taking the steps toward becoming certified organic.

Providing our community with clean, fresh, local, and healthy produce has been a long time dream and passion of ours. We have seen many health benefits in our little family from eating as locally as possible and cutting out GMO’s and sprays.